Welcome to Skin-Wise

Skin cancer incidence is increasing, thanks to cheap sunny holidays among other factors.  The most worrisome of the skin cancers is Melanoma, which mostly arise from the moles on the body. Most of the moles on the body are perfectly normal; however, few can evolve to become abnormal (atypical/dysplastic) to start with, then cancerous later because of cumulative effect of sun exposures, genetic and other factors.

At Skin-Wise, we provide friendly, state-of-the-art and advanced mole mapping services. The Advanced Automated Total Body Photography and Dermoscopy system complement the excellent clinical skills of our consultants. The technology effectively and individually maps the size, shape, body location and other features of the moles. It enables us to track the changes and monitor the evolution of the moles over the year.

It is very safe, non-invasive, fast, accurate and able to detect abnormal moles before they turn cancerous.